New York Dance Festival 2014 Results!

Dima NYDFCongratulations to Dmitry Nikishkin and Olena Shvets for winning the Professional Latin event at the New York Dance Festival! This is their 4th Gold Medal in 4 consecutive weekends! That just shows how much hard work pays off. They weren’t the only big winners, however, with many of our couples doing really well!

The full results are below:

Michael Kaczmarski & Veronica Ludwiszewski
PreTeen2 Bronze Standard – 1st
PreTeen2 Silver Standard – 1st
PreTeen2 Bronze ChaCha, Samba, Jive – 1st
PreTeen2 Bronze Rumba – 2nd
PreTeen2 Silver Latin – 1st

Peter Kaczmarski & Emily Chervinsky
J1 Bronze Standard – 1st
J1 Silver Standard – 1st
J1 Bronze Latin – 1st
J1 Silver ChaCha – 1st
J1 Silver Samba, Rumba, Jive – 3rd

Daniel Koskas & Danielle Malpa
J1 Pre-Champ Latin – 2nd
J2 Pre-Champ Latin – 3rd

Ruslan Maytrenko & Isabella Priven
J2 Pre-Champ Latin – 3rd
Youth Pre-Champ Latin – 3rd

James Raykis & Sarrah Livson
J1 Open Gold ChaCha – 3rd
J1 Open Gold Samba, Rumba – 2nd
J1 Gold Star Latin – 1st

Mark Sharifov & Sarah Sharifov
PreTeen2 Silver ChaCha, Rumba – 3rd
PreTeen2 Silver Samba, Jive – 2nd
J1 Silver ChaCha, Rumba – 3rd
J1 Silver Samba, Jive – 1st
NYDF youth ballroom
Mark Stein & Bridget Frenkel
J2 Pre-Champ Latin- 2nd
Youth Pre-Champ ChaCha, Rumba – 2nd
Youth Pre-Champ Samba, Jive – 1st

Haley Yegorov & Elizabeth Tsidulko
J2 Pre-Champ Latin- 1st
Youth Pre-Champ ChaCha, Rumba – 1st
Youth Pre-Champ Samba, Jive – 2nd

Professional Latin Championship
Dmitry Nikishkin & Olena Shvets – 1st 

Youth Ballroom Championship
Stanislav Pavlov & Michelle Kurpas – 3rd
Cristian Yeung & Samanta Filip – 4th

Youth Latin Championship
Stanislav Pavlov & Michelle Kurpas – 1st
Cristian Yeung & Samanta Filip – 3rd
Jonathan Zaika & Hanna Sverdlov – 4th

Amateur Latin Championship
Jason Dai and Anna Tabolina – 2nd
Guy Platt and Freda Chan – 6th