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Competitive Ballroom Rounds is best described as a simulation competition. It is for competitors or dancers that are interested in dancing to music on the floor while sharing space with other dancers. Latin Rounds are held at the studio every Tuesday at 8:30PM and Standard Rounds Wednesday at 8:00PM. Competitive rounds have many benefits for its participants….

-Great Cardio and Interval Training: Rounds last for a total of 1.5 Hours. You dance each competitive routine 3 times for each of your 5 competitive routines. It takes great stamina and strength to make it through 15 dances!

-Imperative Competition Experience: Competitive rounds are the best and most efficient way to get experience before a competition. You get to practice your routines to music, test out your new choreography and on the dance floor and are able to feed energy off of the other couples, very similar to the competition experience. 

-Floor Craft Training: Competitive Rounds are the only way to get experience maneuvering the dance floor around other competitive couples. It is a skill that takes years to master and every dancer needs to be prepared before entering a competition. Every competitor knows that when the competition is fierce, bad floor craft can be detrimental to your results!



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