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Dance for Everyone

Brooklyn DanceSport Club (BDSC) was created by 11-time United States National Champions, Eugene Katsevman and Maria Manusova. They provide professional, high-level instruction for everyone from beginners to competition dancers in New York because they believe dance is for everyone.

Brooklyn Dancesport Club is the premiere Ballroom Dance Academy for professional, amateur, social and wedding dance students looking to learn the art of ballroom dancing.
Together Eugene and Maria have built the largest community of ballroom dancers in the United States, offering kids and adults highly qualified competitive and social ballroom dance instruction, proudly creating a supportive community through their shared love for dance. 
We at Brooklyn Dancesport Club are committed to helping people better their lives, whether in person or online, and use our staffs years of experience in the dance industry to build a home for people to socialize, express themselves, achieve results, and strive to become better and healthier artists and individuals.

Our Dance Classes

Dance classes are at our studio in Brooklyn, New York, and are easily accessible from Hoboken, Elmont, Newark, Cliffside Park, and Valley Stream. We offer a variety of classes, including Ballroom Dance Lessons, Adult Dance Lessons, Wedding Dance Lessons, Kids Dance Lessons, and more!

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Classes for Everyone at BDSC

Brooklyn DanceSport Club classes are designed to welcome all individuals passionate about dance, regardless of age, experience level, or dance goals. Our inclusive approach ensures everyone feels welcome and supported in our dance community. Whether a child is taking their first steps on the dance floor, an adult is interested in exploring the world of dance, or a competition-level ballroom dancer is seeking to elevate your skills, we have something to offer everyone.

Kids Dance Classes

We are delighted to introduce young dancers to the joy of movement, rhythm, and expression. Through fun and engaging activities, our experienced instructors cultivate a love for dance in children, nurturing their creativity and confidence as they learn and grow.

Adults New to Dance

We have a variety of classes tailored to adult learners. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics, an intermediate dancer eager to refine your skills, or an experienced dancer seeking new challenges, our classes cater to dancers of all backgrounds and interests.

Ballroom Competition Level

We provide a supportive and enriching environment for competition-level ballroom dancers looking to enhance their training and performance skills.

Dance for Everyone

We welcome individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to join us. Whether you’re dancing for fun, fitness, self-expression, or competition, everyone is welcome at Brooklyn DanceSport Club.

BDSC Online Dance Academy

Experience the ultimate flexibility and convenience with the BDSC Online Dance Academy, where the world of dance is at your fingertips 24/7. Our online platform offers a wealth of resources and opportunities, allowing you to engage with dance education from anywhere, at any time that suits your schedule.

24-Hour Access: You have round-the-clock access to a comprehensive library of dance resources. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your skills, learn new techniques, or explore different dance styles, our virtual library is available at your convenience.

Live Master Classes, Workshops, and Seminars: Immerse yourself in the dance with live master classes, workshops, and seminars. Led by top instructors and industry professionals, these are unique opportunities to learn from the best, ask questions in real-time, and engage with a global community of dancers passionate about their craft.

Unlimited Classes from Home: An advantage of the Online Academy is the ability to attend unlimited classes from the comfort of your home. You can explore a diverse range of courses and expand your dance knowledge without limitations.

New Courses and Weekly Schedule Updates: Stay engaged and motivated with an ever-expanding curriculum featuring new courses and a weekly schedule that is updated regularly.

Elevate your skills, expand your horizons, and embrace the transformative power of dance with BDSC Online.

Why Choose BDSC

Looking for dance classes in Brooklyn? Look no further than Brooklyn DanceSport Club. Our studio is dedicated to making dance accessible for everyone.
We firmly believe that dance is for everyone, regardless of age or experience.

  • Expert Instructors: Our team of expert instructors is led by Eugene and Maria themselves. With years of experience and a passion for teaching, our instructors will guide you through your dance journey with patience, expertise, and fun.
  • State-of-the-Art Facility: Our studio boasts a state-of-the-art facility equipped with spacious dance floors, cutting-edge sound systems, and a vibrant atmosphere that will inspire you.
  • Community Support: We take pride in having the largest community of ballroom dancers in the United States. Joining our club means becoming part of a supportive community that shares your passion and will cheer you on.
  • Personalized Approach: We understand that every dancer is unique. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps on the dance floor or an experienced dancer looking to refine your skills, our team will help you reach your full potential.



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