Information for Parents

We have gathered a few FAQ that Parents often ask us.  

Dancing has many benefits socially, emotionally and physically for individuals of all ages.

Dancing helps people develop better social skills, builds confidence as well as helps prevent against diseases such as Diabetes and Alzheimer’s by adding mental and physical exercise to daily activities.

Dancing also builds discipline for growing kids, a trait that can be seen in many other walks of life.

If it is your first time taking a class at BDSC, or the first time ever taking a dance class. We would recommend children begin in the Beginner level. If you or your child have more than one year of ballroom dance experience, you may consider placing them in a more advanced class. Taking a private placement class with one of our instructors is the best way to determine exactly what level each student should be in.

BDSC accepts students of all ages! Group classes begin accepting students at the age of 4 years old!

Each student should be taking classes for about 1-1.5 years before entering their first competition. Time can vary from student to student depending on their skill set and if that particular student is taking private lessons to complement their group classes.

By BDSC teacher recommendation.

No! You do not need a partner to take a BDSC class. During group classes, instructors make sure everyone gets a chance to dance with someone, regularly switching partners between combinations.

No! At BDSC each student has equal opportunity to compete on the dance floor! There are special singles categories at every competition your child can compete in against other children without partners. The competitor would be accommodated by a BDSC instructor.

Usual attire for BDSC classes includes: Form fitting shirt, flexible dress pants/dance pants for boys, skirts for ladies, leather/rubber soled dance shoes.

You can find good dancewear at your local dance shops. For example: Capezio, Dancers Image, DSI London. For ballroom dance shoes you may schedule an appointment with an Aida Dance Shoe representative at BDSC.

There are several great designers and local seamstresses BDSC instructors use regularly. Please inquire with a BDSC instructor for further information on where to get competitive costumes designed and sewn.

Please contact BDSC directly for information on pricing for private, group and monthly membership.

Please make payments at the front desk before your group or private lesson. We accept all forms of payment, cash, check and credit card.