Yankee Classic 2015

 Yankee Classic 2015

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Congratulations to all the BDSC couples who danced last weekend in Boston!


Maxim Borisov and Avita Rakov

Closed Bronze – Cha Cha (3), Samba (2), Rumba (2), Jive (2)

Open Bronze – Cha Cha (4), Samba (5), Rumba (3), Jive (5)


Yuriy Markovetskiy and Sara Filip

Ballroom Pre-Champ –  (W/T/F/Q) – 1st place

Ballroom Pre-Champ – V. Waltz – 1st place

Latin Pre-Champ – (C/S/R/J) – 1st place

Latin Pre-Champ – Paso Doble – 1st place

World Masters Youth Int. Ballroom Champ – 7th place


Dmitry Nikishkin and Olena Shvets

World Masters Prof. Open Int. Latin – 1st place


Daniel Pechalov and Kristina Pidvirny

J2 Latin Pre-Champ – (C/S/R/J) – 4th place

Youth Latin Pre-Champ – (C/S/R/J) – 2nd place

J2 Latin Champ – (C/S/R/P/J) – 7th place


Artur Tarnavskyy and Anastasia Danilova

World Masters Amat. Int. Latin Champ – 1st place





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