With summer vacation in full effect and the heat being turned up, BDSC couples continue to ‘burn-up’ the dance floor!

As summer vacation is in full swing and the temperatures outside reach 100 degrees, couples continue to come to the dance studio to practice hard and do some really good dancing.  With important competitions such as Manhattan DanceSport Championships and the Empire State DanceSport Championships just around the corner, BDSC couples keep dancing through their summer vacation. This week over 20 couples came to  to our popular practice rounds !

This is the sort of dedication we at BDSC are truly proud of and the kind of work ethic that inspires everyone. It is not just the older couples practicing hard through this heat, but couples as young as 8 spend many hours taking private lessons, group classes, and most importantly practicing!



This inspirational image of our younger dancers bodes well for the future generation of ballroom dancing. It is not a surprise when some of our couples improve the  most the summer!  If you would like to come in and join the fun, give us a call or contact us.  We look forward to seeing you soon!