Congratulations to Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk for their Amazing Results at the 2013 Asian Tour for Professional Ballroom

Every end of February/beginning of March, countries across East Asia host a number of competitions that are part of the Asian Tour. This year, our Professional Standard Coaches, Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk, traveled to Tokyo, Taipei and Seoul to take a part in the 2013 Asian Tour.

Congratulations to Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk and Andrei Kazlouski and Asta Sigvaldadottir for their wonderful results at the 2012 WDC Ballroom World Championships in Paris, France!


Marat and Alina followed their 8th place showing at the World Championships a few weeks back, with a 3rd place at the Disney Cup Professional Ballroom Championships with amazing dancing and results that put them ahead of highly ranked couples: 1 Andrea Ghigiarelli & Sara Andracchio (England) 44 F 2 Yang Chao & Tan Yi Ling (China) 40 F 3 …