International Standard Seminar – Tango

Standard Seminar Tango

Tango: An aggressive dance of passion, hunger and focus. This piece, choreographed by the dancers THEMSELVES, was made for our anniversary event. The use of diverse techniques and styling while breaking in and out of formation in unexpected ways shows the enthusiasm Brooklyn DanceSport Club members have for their art. “As a member at Brooklyn DanceSport Club for the past …

Greg Smith Performing at the 1979 Professional Ballroom World Championships

In light of this week’s seminar with world-renown coach and adjudicator, Greg Smith, this week’s “Video of the Week” features Greg performing at the 1979 Professional Ballroom World Championships. Greg Smith is not only a former World Finalist and Blackpool Amateur Ballroom Champion, but he is also the Current Chairman of the IBDF (International Ballrooms Dancers Federation).

Social Dance Classes

Starting this October, Brooklyn DanceSport Club will hold a social group for adults every Friday at 7 P.M. with the first group on October 7th. The groups will be broken down into sessions of eight classes of a specific American-style and dance in every cycle. The first cycle will be Mambo (Rhythm – American style), followed by Tango (Smooth – American style) and then …