2014 Anniversary – Bronze/Silver Quickstep

2014 Anniversary Silver Bronze Quickstep

At Brooklyn DanceSport Club we offer kids a unique combination of support from their peers, their parents and from our world class staff to drive their improvement and help develop skills. This dance performed by our Bronze/Silver 9-12 year old group at our 2013 anniversary event displays the young talent residing within our school and the sheer number of students that are involved in our program. There is …

Quickstep Challenge at 2012 Back to Dance Camp


Dancers take on a challenge of the new choreography and a new partner at 2012 Back to Dance Camp.  Not only was this challenge met, dancers were able to inject their own flare and styling.  Regardless of your background or experience, we’ll help you take your dancing to another level.  Well done everybody! Contact us to learn more about our …

Quickstep at 2012 Back to Dance Camp


New and creative choreography and partner switching are just a couple challenges our students faced at the 2012 Back to Dance Camp. No challenge is too great with such coaches as Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk leading the way. If you would like to further your ballroom dance education, please contact us and stay tuned for more!

“Video of the Week” – Group Quickstep from the Championship Standard Seminar

This week’s “Video of the Week” features a quickstep performed by our Championship Standard Seminar. The seminar is led by our very own Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk and features some of the best Standard dancers in the United States, including the current Junior II Standard World Champions and a number of Youth Standard USA National Finalists. You can join …