Standard Seminar Tango

International Standard Seminar – Tango

Tango: An aggressive dance of passion, hunger and focus. This piece, choreographed by the dancers THEMSELVES, was made for our anniversary event. The use of

Junior Gold Viennese Waltz

2014 Anniversary Party – Junior Gold Class

The Junior Gold class touched us with a skilled and emotional Viennese Waltz to Rihanna’s ‘What Now’ at 2014 Anniversary Party. Classic black and white costumes

2014 Anniversary Bronze-Silver Jive

2014 Anniversary Party – Bronze/Silver Class Jive

Exhilarating Jive by our bronze/silver class. Playful choreography showcases children’s impeccable rhythm, characteristic bounce, and great partnering. They are only 9 to 12 years old and already

Pre-Bronze Latin Cha Cha

Pre-Bronze Cha Cha at 2014 Anniversary Party

Even the pre-bronze kids ‘got the moves’! Here’s a performance of our Pre-Bronze class at the 2014 Anniversary party. They incorporate basic Cha-Cha figures and