Results from the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Championships!

MidAtlantic Championships

This past weekend, Maryland hosted a Regional Qualifying event for the National Championships that will be taking place later in the year. The annual Mid-Atlantic Championships saw many of our couples qualify and we couldn’t be more proud of them! Below are some of the top results we want to share with you:

Stanislav Pavlov and Michelle KurpasĀ 
Amateur Standard: 1st
Amateur Latin: 4th
Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski
Youth Championship Standard: 1st
Youth Championship Latin: 1st
Daniel Pechalov and Kristina Pidvirny
Youth Novice Latin: 2nd
Junior II Novice Latin: 2nd
Youth Pre-Champ Latin: 3rd
Junior II Pre-Champ Latin: 2nd
Leor Ratner and Jessica Ratner
Youth Novice Latin: 3rd
Junior II Novice Latin: 4th
Youth Pre-Champ Latin: 5th
Junior II Pre-Champ Latin: 5th
Yuriy Markovetskiy and Sara FilipĀ 
Youth Novice Latin: 5th
Youth Pre-Champ Standard: 3rd
Youth Novice Standard: 2nd
Haley Yegorov and Elizabeth Tsidulko
Junior II Novice Latin: 7th