Nyemchecks Junior All Star Dancesport Championships




Christopher Dubovici and Brianna Dubovici

J3 Newcomer Latin – C(1) S(2) R(1) J(1)


Kevin Filipczak and Haley Hughes

LS5 Open Amateur Latin – C(1) S(1) R(2) PD(1) J(1)

LSY Open Amateur Latin – C(2) S(2) R(2) PD(1) J(1)


Leonardo Heyman and Miya Kostanyan

J3 Open Silver Latin – C(2) S(2) R(2) PD(1)

J3 Closed Gold Latin – C(3) S(3) R(5) PD(1) J(3)


Abigail Reznik

J2 Newcomer Latin – C(1) S(1) R(1) J(1)

J2 Pre-Bronze Latin – C(1) S(1) R(1) J(1)


Edward Kramer and Marlaina Monaco

J4 Open Bronze Latin – C(1) S(1) R(1) J(1)

J4 Closed Silver Latin – C(2) S(3) R(2) J(2)


Alfred Liu and Chu Chu Lai Wei

J3 Open Silver Latin – C(6) S(4) R(3) PD(4) J(3)

J3 Closed Gold Latin – S(4) R(7) PD(6) J(6)


Ariel Milshteyn and Karen Khvan

LS4 Closed Gold Latin – C(6) S(6) R(6) J(6)


Alec Shafran and Nicole Nikolaev

J4 Open Gold Ballroom – W(4) T(4) VW(3) F(4) Q(4)

J4 Open Gold Latin – C(8) S(7) R(7) PD(3) J(7)

J4 Pre-Champ Ballroom – W(3) T(3) VW(2) F(3) Q(3)

J4 Pre-Champ Latin – PD(3) J(6)


Jeffrey Shishkin and Iliana Rakhamim

J3 Pre-Bronze Latin – C(7) R(7) J(7)

J3 Closed Bronze Latin – S(6) R(6) J(6)


Andrey Solovyev and Rebecca Korol

J4 Open Gold Ballroom – W(1) T(1) VW(1) F(1) Q(1)

J4 Open Gold Latin – C(1) S(2) R(4) PD(2) J(5)

J4 Pre-Champ Ballroom – W(1) T(2) VW(1) F(1) Q(1)

J4 Pre-Champ Latin – C(6) S(6) R(7) PD(2) J(4)


Pasha Stepanchuk and Chanel Alexander

LS3 Open Silver Latin – C(1) S(1) R(2) PD(2) J(1)

LS3 Closed Gold Latin – C(3) S(3) R(5) PD(3) J(2)


Pasha Stepanchuk and Michelle Kurbanov

LS3 Open Bronze Latin – C(3) S(2) R(3) J(4)

LS3 Closed Silver Latin – C(3) S(4) R(2) J(3)


Pasha Stepanchuk and Isabelle Ross

LS2 Open Bronze Latin – C(1) S(2) R(2) J(2)

LS2 Closed Silver Latin – C(3) S(3) R(2) J(1)


Nikita Vasilenko and Abigail Palatnikova

J3 Open Bronze Latin – C(3) PD(1) J(4)

J3 Closed Silver Latin – C(3) S(6) R(5) PD(2) J(6)





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