New Guest Teacher, Benito Garcia, to Teach Fitness at the “Back to Dance” Camp!

As the day draws closer to the start of our Second Annual “Back to Dance” Camp, this event keeps getting more and more exciting. We have just confirmed that Benito Garcia, US and World Mambo Finalist, is going to be a guest teacher alongside Rufus Dustin.


Benito has appeared in multiple Broadway shows, such as “Swing!” and “The Last Mambo,” and is known in the Ballroom dance world as having a unique approach to teaching the fundamentals of fitness to his students. Benito has developed an original method of taking his students to find their body’s limits in terms of body fitness and will be passing down this information to all the participants of the “Back to Dance” Camp. This is the perfect chance for you to learn from the country’s best coaches and this is definitely something that you would not want to miss!