Maria Manusova on Balance – Adult Latin Seminar

Maria Manusova teaches 2014 adult seminar

“It is the internal equilibrium derived from a counter balance in the body showcasing a feeling of steadiness and alignment”
– Maria Manusova

It is a blessing whenever Maria Manusova teaches. She is always focused on fundamentals of Latin dance. Maria talks about balance and how to achieve it. Her deep well of  knowledge paired with a pragmatic approach to coaching is a unique and winning combination our members benefit from. We are all ears whenever she shares her wisdom.

Maria has become a true dance legend and an icon in ballroom dance history. Together with Eugene Katsevman they have become 11-Times Undefeated US National Amateur Latin Champions and Professional World Latin Finalists (read more here: Eugene and Maria Bio), and have truly cemented their legacy. They train some of the world’s top couples including multiple national champions/finalists and a number of world finalists here, at Brooklyn DanceSport Club.

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