Congratulations to Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski for Making the Final and Placing 6th in the Junior II Standard Championships at the 2013 Junior Blackpool Dance Festival

Patryk and Anna are 3 for 3 in terms of making the final at their events at the 2013 Junior Blackpool Dance Festival with a number of other events still to come this week. This is a remarkable feat considering that not only are they dancing and performing at a high level, but they are doing it in 2 different categories, Standard and Latin! They made the final in the Viennese Waltz, the Samba and most recently the Five Dance Standard Championships. Anyone who has competed in Ten-Dance knows how hard it is to compete at such a high level in both categories and Patryk and Anna are making it look easy. Brooklyn DanceSport Club is proud of Patryk and Anna and the hard work they put in practicing is paying off. What they are doing at this competition has never been achieved by another Junior American couple and we are wish them continued success!