Congratulations to Guy Platt and Freda Chan for Their Wonderful Results in all the Categories they Danced at the 2013 Montreal DanceSport Championships in Montreal, Canada


Dancing half a dozen rounds, 3 events, 2 finals all in one day, Guy and Freda were able to keep on track with their constant improvement and have amazing results at the 2013 Montreal DanceSport Championships. Placing 5th in the Rising-Star Amateur Latin, 3rd in 19+ Amateur Latin Championships, and making the semi-final in the Amateur Latin Championships, these results are a testament to Guy and Freda’s long hours spent on the dance floor and energy exerted to take their dancing to the next level. Guy and Freda are only a few good results from a big break-through and their hard-work shows just how much they want. We wish this couple the best of luck and continued success.