Congratulations to all the Brooklyn DanceSport Club Couples who Competed in the 2013 USA Dance National DanceSport Championships










This year’s USA Dance National DanceSport Championships were held in Los Angeles, California at the beautiful JW Marriott at LA Live.¬†Out of all 15 Brooklyn DanceSport Club couples who competed at this year’s USA Dance Nationals, BDSC had an outstanding 14 finalists, with an astonishing 6 National Champions!

Pasha Stepanchuk and Anastasiya Danilova
Amateur Latin Championships: 1st

Evgeny Raev and Gabriella Sabler
Under-21 Latin Championships: 1st
Amateur Latin Championship: 3rd

Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski
Youth Ten-Dance Championships: 1st
Youth Standard Championships: 1st
Youth Latin Championships: 2nd

Larry Tokar and Juliana Hoff
Amateur Latin Pre-Champ: 1st
Youth Latin Pre-Champ: 2nd
Under-21 Latin Championships: 12th

Yuriy Markovetskiy and Sara Filip
Junior II Gold Latin: 1st
Junior II Novice Standard: 2nd
Junior II Gold Standard: 3rd

Ariel Milshteyn and Dasha Ryndych
Junior II Latin Championships: 7th
Youth Championship Standard: 14th

Michael Platt and Simona Vigodner
Junior II Novice Latin: 2nd
Junior II Pre-Champ Latin: 6th

Christian Yeung and Samanta Filip
Youth Ten-Dance Championships: 6th
Youth Standard Championships: 8th
Youth Latin Championships: 13th

Benjamin Swiatkowski and Anna Bartnicki
Junior II Pre-Champ Standard: 3rd
Junior II Novice Latin: 5th
Junior II Standard Championships: 9th

Alex Lukasik and Konwalia Owczarz
Junior I Pre-Champ Standard: 2nd
Junior I Pre-Champ Latin: 2nd
Junior I Standard Championships: 3rd
Junior I Ten-Dance Championships: 4th
Junior I Latin Championships: 5th

Julian Sklyut and Sabrina Isakow
Junior II Novice Latin: 6th
Junior II Pre-Champ Latin: 9th

Gabriel Hoff and Victoria Joffe
Pre-Teen II Bronze Latin: 2nd
Junior I Bronze Latin: 5th
Junior I Bronze Standard: 6th
Pre-Teen II Bronze Standard: 8th

Mark Irgang and Anna Cernova
Youth Pre-Champ Latin: 6th

Stanislav Pavlov and Jessica Karpishin
Youth Ten-Dance Championships: 3rd
Youth Standard Championships: 4th
Youth Latin Championships: 4th

Levy Agaronnik and Danielle Malpa
Junior II Pre-Champ Latin: 4th
Junior II Latin Championships: 10th