Congratulations to all the Brooklyn DanceSport Club Couples at the 2013 New York Dance Festival!


The 2013 New York Dance Festival was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, NY and we had over 20 couples competing at the competition. We want to congratulate each couple for their wonderful dancing and great results.

  • Julian Sklyut and Sabrina Isakow
    • Junior II Pre-Champ Cha-Cha/Rumba: 4th
    • Junior II Pre-Champ Samba/Jive: 3rd
    • Junior II Championship Latin: 3rd
  • Ariel Milshteyn and Dasha Ryndych
    • Junior II Championship Latin: 1st
  • Ilan Goldberg and Briana Isakow
    • Pre-Teen 1 Bronze Latin: 2nd
    • Pre-Teen 1 Full Bronze Latin: 2nd
  • Nicholas Mandel and Monica Kiselyuk
    • Pre-Teen 1 Bronze Latin: 1st
    • Pre-Teen 1 Bronze Standard: 1st
    • Pre-Teen 1 Full Bronze Latin: 3rd
    • Pre-Teen 1 Full Bronze Standard: 1st
  • Andrew Solovyev and Rebecca Korol
    • Pre-Teen 1 Newcomer Latin: 1st
    • Pre-Teen 1 Closed Bronze Latin: 1st
  • Benjamin Swiatkowski and Anna Bartnicki
    • Junior II Open Novice: 2nd
    • Junior II Pre-Champ Standard: 1st
    • Junior II Championship Standard: 2nd
  • Mark Irgang and Anna Cernova
    • Junior II Pre-Champ Latin: 4th
    • Youth Pre-Champ Latin: 2nd
    • Youth Championship Latin: 4th
  • Mark Stein and Bridget Frenkel
    • Junior I Gold Latin: 2nd
    • Junior I Full Gold Latin: 2nd
  • Michael Platt and Simona Vigodner
    • Junior II Open Novice Latin: 1st
    • Junior II Pre-Champ Cha-Cha/Rumba: 1st
    • Junior II Pre-Champ Samba/Jive: 2nd
  • Roman Lerner and Vera Iakovleva
    • Rising-Star Professional Latin: 5th
  • Dmitry Nikishkin and Olena Shvets
    • Professional Latin Championships: 3rd
    • Rising-Star Professional Latin: 1st
  • Stanislav Savich and Annie He Xiao
    • Professional Latin Championships: 4th
  • Daniel Ostrom and Ekaterina Kuleshova
    • Junior II Championship Latin: 2nd
    • Junior II Pre-Champ Latin: 1st
  • Haley Yegorov and Shelli Gorokhovsky
    • Junior I Bronze Standard: 1st
    • Junior I Full Bronze Standard: 1st
  • Haley Yegorov and Liza Tsidulko
    • Junior I Silver Latin: 1st
    • Junior I Full Silver Latin: 2nd
  • Ariel Babenko and Isabelle Kamel
    • Pre-Teen 1 Newcomer Cha-Cha: 2nd
    • Pre-Teen 1 Newcomer Samba/Rumba: 3rd
    • Pre-Teen 1 Pre-Bronze Cha-Cha/Rumba: 2nd
    • Pre-Teen 1 Pre-Bronze Samba: 3rd
  • Mark Sharifov and Sarah Sharifov
    • Pre-Teen 2 Silver Cha-Cha/Rumba/Jive: 3rd
    • Pre-Teen 2 Silver Samba: 2nd
    • Pre-Teen 2 Full Silver Cha-Cha/Rumba/Jive: 3rd
    • Pre-Teen 2 Full Silver Samba: 2nd
  • Stas Pavlov and Jessica Karpishin
    • Youth Championship Standard: 1st
    • Youth Championship Latin: 3rd
  • Christian Yeung and Samanta Filip
    • Youth Championship Latin: 2nd
    • Youth Championship Standard: 2nd
  • Daniel Goldberg and Michelle Stepankoff
    • Pre-Teen 2 Silver Cha-Cha/Rumba/Jive: 2nd
    • Pre-Teen 2 Silver Samba: 3rd
    • Pre-Teen 2 Full Silver Cha-Cha/Rumba/Jive: 2nd
    • Pre-Teen 2 Full Silver Samba: 3rd
  • Eric Frenkel and Nadia Gaberkorn
    • Pre-Teen 1 Bronze Latin: 3rd
    • Pre-Teen 2 Bronze Cha-Cha: 1st
    • Pre-Teen 2 Bronze Rumba: 2nd
    • Pre-Teen 2 Bronze Samba/Jive: 3rd
  • Leor Ratner and Jessica Ratner
    • Junior I Gold Latin: 1st
    • Junior I Full Gold Latin: 1st
      • Daniel Pechalov and Kristina Pidvirtny
        • Junior I Gold Latin: 1st
        • Junior I Full Gold Latin: 1st

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