Congratulations to all the Brooklyn DanceSport Club Competitors at the Mid-Atlantic DanceSport Championships in Maryland!


The Mid-Atlantic DanceSport Championships is an annual competition that takes place in Maryland and is one of the National Qualifying Events. This year, BDSC had a number of couples that competed in this event in order to qualify for the USA Dance Nationals in April!

Pasha Stepanchuk and Anastasiya Danilova
Amateur Latin Championships: 1st

Evgeny Raev and Gabriella Sabler
Amateur Latin Championships: 2nd

Daniil Vesnovskiy and Emily Thorpe
Amateur Latin Championships: 5th

Benjamin Lavon and Alexandra Scheriau
Amateur Latin Championships: 6th

Ariel Milshteyn and Dasha Ryndych
Junior II Latin Championships: 1st
Youth Latin Championships: 2nd

Julian Sklyut and Sabrina Isakow
Junior II Pre-Champ Latin: 4th
Junior II Latin Championships: 5th

Ruslan Zaishlyi and Marlene Artov
Amateur Pre-Champ Latin: 12th
Youth Pre-Champ Standard: 1st
Youth Standard Championships: 3rd
Youth Latin Championships: 10th