Congratulations to all the BDSC Competitors of the 2013 City’s DanceSport Challenge in New York, NY!

The City Dancesport Challenge is an annual competition held at the Altman Building in New York, NY. Organized by Paul Holmes and Jamie Nyemchek, it is one of the fastest growing competitions in the Tri-State Area.

Eric Frenkel and Nadia Gaberkorn
•Pre-Teen 1 Closed Bronze Cha-Cha – 1st
•Pre-Teen 1 Closed Bronze Samba – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 1 Closed Bronze Rumba – 1st
•Pre-Teen 1 Closed Bronze Jive – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 1 Open Bronze Cha-Cha – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 1 Open Bronze Samba – 3rd
•Pre-Teen 1 Open Bronze Rumba – 3rd
•Pre-Teen 1 Open Bronze Jive – 3rd

Daniel Goldberg and Milana Kogan
•J1 Open Silver Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 4th
•J1 Closed Gold Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive –5th

Yuriy Markovetskiy and Sara Filip
•Youth Novice Latin Championship – 2nd
•Youth Novice Standard Championship – 2nd

Kamil Falkowski and Sasha Turko
•J2 Standard Championship – 2nd
•Youth Standard Championship – 4th
•J2 Latin Championship – 5th

Ilan Goldberg and Bridget Shur
•Pre-Teen 2 Open Bronze Cha-Cha – 3rd
•Pre-Teen 2 Open Bronze Samba – 3rd
•Pre-Teen 2 Open Bronze Rumba – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 2 Open Bronze Jive – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Cha-Cha – 3rd
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Samba – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Rumba – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Jive – 3rd

Mark Irgang and Michelle Blank
•Youth Latin Pre-Championship – 1st

James Raykis and Sarrah Livson
•J1 Closed Gold Cha-Cha – 4th
•J1 Closed Gold Samba – 4th
•J1 Closed Gold Rumba – 4th
•J1 Closed Gold Jive – 3rd
•J1 Open Gold Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 4th

Michael Kaczmarski and Veronica Ludwiczewski
•Pre-Teen 1 Newcomer Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep – 1st
•Pre-Teen 1 Pre-Bronze Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep – 1st
•Pre-Teen 1 Newcomer Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 1st
•Pre-Teen 1 Pre-Bronze Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 1st

Peter Kaczmarski and Emily Chervinsky
•Pre-Teen 2 Open Bronze W, T, VW, F, Q – 1st
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver W, T, VW, F, Q – 1st
•Pre-Teen 2 Open Bronze Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 4th
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Cha-Cha – 7th
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Samba – 6th
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Rumba – 5th
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Jive – 5th

Tyler Korobov and Elizabeth Vasylets
•Pre-Teen 2 Newcomer Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 1st
•Pre-Teen 2 Pre-Bronze Cha-Cha – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 2 Pre-Bronze Samba – 3rd
•Pre-Teen 2 Pre-Bronze Rumba – 3rd
•Pre-Teen 2 Pre-Bronze Jive – 2nd

Daniel Koskas and Danielle Malpa
•J1 Open Latin Championship – 1st
•J2 Open Latin Championship – 6th

Ruslan Maystronko and Isabella Priven
•J2 Novice Latin Championship – 3rd

Ariel Milshteyn and Adelina Ishkayeva
•J2 Open Latin Championship – 3rd
•Youth Open Latin Championship – 6th

Daniel Pechalov and Kristina Pidvirny
•J2 Novice Latin Championship – 1st
•J2 Latin Pre-Championship – 4th

Guy Platt and Freda Chan
•Adult International Latin Championships – 3rd

Leon Ratner and Jessica Ratner
•J1 Novice Latin Championships – 2nd
•J1 Latin Pre-Championship – 5th

Timofey Rybolovlev and Sasha Davydova
•J2 Novice Latin Championship – 2nd

Mark Sharifov and Sarah Sharifov
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Silver Rumba – 6th
•Pre-Teen 2 Open Silver Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive– 5th

Julian Sklyut and Sabrina Isakow
•J2 Latin Pre-Championship – 6th

Andrew Solovyev and Rebecca Korol
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Bronze Waltz – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Bronze Tango – 1st
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Bronze Foxtrot – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Bronze Quickstep – 2nd
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Bronze Cha-Cha – 4th
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Bronze Samba – 4th
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Bronze Rumba – 4th
•Pre-Teen 2 Closed Bronze Jive – 3rd

Mark Stein and Bridget Frenkel
•J1 Closed Gold Waltz – 1st
•J1 Closed Gold Tango – 2nd
•J1 Closed Gold Foxtrot – 1st
•J1 Closed Gold Quickstep – 1st
•J1 Open Gold Cha-Cha – 1st
•J1 Open Gold Samba – 2nd
•J1 Open Gold Rumba – 1st
•J1 Open Gold Jive – 1st
•J1 Novice Latin Championship – 2nd

Haley Yegorov and Shelli Gorokhovsky
•J1 Closed Gold Waltz – 3rd
•J1 Closed Gold Tango – 1st
•J1 Closed Gold Viennese Waltz – 3rd
•J1 Closed Gold Foxtrot – 3rd
•J2 Closed Gold Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep – 1st

Haley Yegorov and Elizabeth Tsidulko
•J1 Open Gold Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 3rd
•J1 Novice Latin Championship – 5th

Christian Yeung and Samanta Filip
•Youth Open Ballroom Championship – 2nd

Emily Eppel and Artur Tarnavskyy
•Closed Gold Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 1st

Briana Isakow and Artur Tarnavskyy
•Closed Silver Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive – 1st