Congratulations to all the BDSC competitors at the NJ DanceSport Classic Spring Fling!

to all the competitors of NJ DanceSport Classic Spring Fling!!!

Levy Agaronnik and Sabrina Isakow
Junior I Novice Latin: 1st
Junior I Pre-Champ Latin: 1st

Jonathan Zaika and Hanna Sverdlov
Junior II Championship Latin: 2nd
Youth Championship Latin: 8th

Stanislav Pavlov and Beata Polyakova
Youth Championship Standard: 1st
Youth Championship Latin: 4th

Ryan Raffloer and Shelby Joy Cole
Youth Championship Standard: 4th
Youth Championship Latin: 3rd

Alex Lukasik and Konwalia Owczarz
Junior I Gold Latin: 1st
Junior I Novice Latin: 2nd
Junior I Novice Standard: 1st
Junior I Pre-Champ Standard: 1st

Leor Ratner and Jessica Ratner
Junior I Silver Latin: 1st
Junior I Gold Latin: 4th

Benjamin Swiatkowski and Anna Bartnicki
Junior I Gold Latin: 3rd
Junior I Novice Latin: 4th
Junior I Novice Standard: 2nd
Junior I Novice Latin: 4th

Nikita Babenko and Ilana Kotlyar
Youth Championship Standard: 3rd
Youth Championship Latin: 9th

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