Congratulations to all the BDSC Competitors at the 2013 Nyemchek’s Junior All-Star DanceSport Championships!



Nyemchek’s Junior All-Star DanceSport Championships is a classic among the Tri-State Area Competitions and has been like that for quite some time. Organized by the always lively Spencer and Elena Nyemchek, we are proud to be a part of this wonderful competition!

Levy Agaronnik and Simona Vigodner
J4 Latin Championships Cha-Cha: 2nd
J4 Latin Championships Samba/Rumba/Paso-Doble/Jive: 1st
Junior Open International Latin Scholarships: 3rd

Samuel Dorfman and Anastasia Lepin
J2 Pre-Bronze Cha-Cha: 8th
J2 Closed Bronze Cha-Cha: 5th

Daniel Eidelstein and Simone Livit
J4 Closed Bronze Foxtrot: 1st
J4 Closed Bronze Quickstep: 1st
J4 Closed Bronze Waltz: 1st
J4 Closed Bronze Tango: 1st
J4 Open Bronze Foxtrot: 2nd
J4 Open Bronze Quickstep: 2nd
J4 Open Bronze Waltz: 2nd
J4 Open Bronze Tango: 2nd

Eric Frenkel and Nadia Gaberkorn
J3 Closed Bronze Cha-Cha: 6th

Ilan Goldberg and Bridget Shue
J3 Open Bronze Samba: 6th
J3 Open Bronze Rumba: 5th
J3 Open Bronze Jive: 4th

Gabriel Hoff and Victoria Joffe
J3 Open Bronze Waltz: 4th
J3 Open Bronze Tango: 1st
J3 Open Bronze Viennese Waltz: 1st
J3 Open Bronze Foxtrot: 2nd
J3 Open Bronze Quickstep: 1st
J3 Closed Silver Waltz: 5th
J3 Closed Silver Tango: 2nd
J3 Closed Silver Viennese Waltz: 3rd
J3 Closed Silver Foxtrot: 5th
J3 Closed Silver Tango: 4th
J3 Open Bronze Cha-Cha: 2nd
J3 Open Bronze Samba: 2nd
J3 Open Bronze Rumba: 2nd
J3 Open Bronze Jive: 1st
J3 Closed Silver Cha-Cha: 6th
J3 Closed Silver Samba: 5th
J3 Closed Silver Rumba: 6th
J3 Closed Silver Jive: 5th

Michael Kaczmarski and Veronica Ludwiszewski
J3 Newcomer Waltz: 1st
J3 Newcomer Tango: 1st
J3 Newcomer Foxtrot: 1st
J3 Newcomer Quickstep: 1st
J3 Pre-Bronze Waltz: 1st
J3 Pre-Bronze Tango: 1st
J3 Pre-Bronze Foxtrot: 1st
J3 Pre-Bronze Quickstep: 1st
J3 Newcomer Cha-Cha: 1st
J3 Newcomer Samba: 1st
J3 Newcomer Jive: 1st
J3 Pre-Bronze Samba: 6th
J3 Pre-Bronze Rumba: 8th

Peter Kaczmarski and Emily Chervinksy
J3 Closed Bronze Waltz: 1st
J3 Closed Bronze Tango: 1st
J3 Closed Bronze Foxtrot: 1st
J3 Closed Bronze Quickstep: 1st
J3 Open Bronze Waltz: 3rd
J3 Open Bronze Tango: 4th
J3 Open Bronze Foxtrot: 1st
J3 Open Bronze Quickstep: 2nd
J3 Closed Bronze Rumba: 3rd

Daniel Koskas and Danielle Malpa
J4 Open Amateur Cha-Cha: 4th
J4 Open Amateur Samba: 3rd
J4 Open Amateur Rumba: 2nd
J4 Open Amateur Paso Doble: 2nd
J4 Open Amateur Jive: 3rd
Junior Open International Latin Scholarships: 5th
Lennox Ksido and Lauren Ksido
J4 Closed Silver Samba: 8th
J4 Closed Silver Jive: 7th
J4 Closed Silver Samba: 6th
J4 Closed Silver Jive: 8th

Alex Lukasik and Konwalia Owczarz
Junior Open International Standard Scholarships: 3rd
Show-dance: 1st

Nicholas Mandel and Monica Kiselyuk
J3 Open Bronze Waltz: 5th
J3 Open Bronze Tango: 2nd
J3 Open Bronze Viennese Waltz: 2nd
J3 Open Bronze Foxtrot: 3rd
J3 Open Bronze Quickstep: 3rd
J3 Closed Silver Waltz: 2nd
J3 Closed Silver Tango: 3rd
J3 Closed Silver Viennese Waltz: 2nd
J3 Closed Silver Foxtrot: 2nd
J3 Closed Silver Quickstep: 2nd
J3 Open Bronze Cha-Cha: 3rd
J3 Open Bronze Samba: 3rd
J3 Open Bronze Rumba: 4th
J3 Open Bronze Jive: 6th
J3 Closed Silver Cha-Cha: 7th

Ruslan Maystrenko and Isabella Priven
J4 Pre-Champ Jive: 8th
J5 Pre-Champ Cha-Cha: 6th
J5 Pre-Champ Samba: 5th
J5 Pre-Champ Rumba: 6th
J5 Pre-Champ Jive: 6th

Daniel Pechalov and Kristina Pidvirny
J4 Pre-Champ Cha-Cha: 6th
J4 Pre-Champ Samba: 6th
J4 Open Gold Cha-Cha: 3rd
J4 Open Gold Samba: 3rd
J4 Open Gold Rumba: 3rd
J4 Open Gold Jive: 3rd

Leor Ratner and Jessica Ratner
J4 Open Gold Cha-Cha: 1st
J4 Open Gold Samba: 2nd
J4 Open Gold Rumba: 2nd
J4 Open Gold Jive: 2nd

Timofey Rybolovlev and Sasha Davydovna
J5 Open Gold Cha-Cha: 1st
J5 Open Gold Samba: 1st
J5 Open Gold Rumba: 1st
J5 Open Gold Jive: 1st
J5 Pre-Champ Cha-Cha: 3rd
J5 Pre-Champ Samba: 3rd
J5 Pre-Champ Rumba: 4th
J5 Pre-Champ Jive: 4th

Julian Sklyut and Sabrina Isakow
J4 Pre-Champ Cha-Cha: 5th
J4 Pre-Champ Samba: 5th
J4 Pre-Champ Rumba: 5th
J4 Pre-Champ Paso Doble: 3rd
J4 Pre-Champ Jive: 4th
J4 Open Amateur Cha-Cha: 3rd
J4 Open Amateur Samba: 4th
J4 Open Amateur Rumba: 4th
J4 Open Amateur Paso Doble: 4th
J4 Open Amateur Jive: 4th

Mark Stein and Bridget Frenkel
J4 Open Silver Waltz: 1st
J4 Open Silver Tango: 1st
J4 Open Silver Viennese Waltz: 1st
J4 Open Silver Foxtrot: 1st
J4 Open Silver Quickstep: 1st
J4 Open Gold Cha-Cha: 5th
J4 Open Gold Samba: 5th
J4 Open Gold Rumba: 5th
J4 Open Gold Jive: 6th
J5 Open Gold Cha-Cha: 3rd
J5 Open Gold Samba: 4th
J5 Open Gold Rumba: 3rd
J5 Open Gold Jive: 2nd

Benjamin Swiatkowski and Anna Bartnicki
J4 Pre-Champ Waltz: 2nd
J4 Pre-Champ Tango: 2nd
J4 Pre-Champ Viennese Waltz: 3rd
J4 Pre-Champ Foxtrot: 3rd
J4 Pre-Champ Quickstep: 4th
J4 Open Amateur Standard Championships: 2nd
J4 Pre-Champ Cha-Cha: 8th
J4 Pre-Champ Samba: 8th
J4 Pre-Champ Paso Doble: 5th
J4 Pre-Champ Jive: 6th

Ilana Dorfman and Artur Tarnavskyy
Ladies’ Singles Open Gold Latin: 1st

Emily Eppel and Artur Tarnavskyy
Ladies’ Singles Closed Gold Latin: 1st

Briana Isakow and Artur Tarnavskyy
Ladies’ Singles Closed Silver Cha-Cha: 2nd
Ladies’ Singles Closed Silver Samba: 1st
Ladies’ Singles Closed Silver Rumba: 2nd
Ladies’ Singles Closed Silver Jive: 2nd

Michelle Stepankoff and Artur Tarnavskyy
Ladies’ Singles Open Silver Cha-Cha: 1st
Ladies’ Singles Open Silver Samba: 4th
Ladies’ Singles Open Silver Rumba: 2nd
Ladies’ Singles Open Silver Jive: 1st

Haley Yegorov and Elizabeth Tsidulko
J4 Open Silver Cha-Cha: 4th
J4 Open Silver Rumba 4th
J4 Open Silver Jive: 6th
J4 Open Gold Cha-Cha: 4th
J4 Open Gold Samba: 4th

Jonathan Zaika and Hanna Sverdlov
Youth Open International Latin Scholarships: 5th


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