Congratulations to all participants of NJ DanceSport Classic “Summer Sizzler”!

Jonathan Zaika and Nicole Agaronnik

Amateur Junior ll Latin    2nd


Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski

Amateur Junior ll Latin    1st

Amateur Junior ll Standard   1st

Haley Yegorov and Milana Kogan

Amatuer  Pre-Teen ll Bronze Latin C,R     4th

Amateur Pre-Teen ll Silver Latin S,J     3rd

Benjamin Lavon and Alexandra Scheriau

Amateur Adult Championship Latin      4th


Daniel Ostrom and Monica Riskevich

Amateur Junior ll Novice Latin    3rd

Amateur Junior ll Novice Standard     1st

Amateur Junior ll Pre-Champ Latin    4th

Amateur Junior ll Pre-Champ Standard     2nd


Michael Papacz-Capik and Anna Kuszaj

Amateur Youth Novice Latin     2nd


Ariel Milshteyn and Elizabeth Zeldin

Amateur Junior l Championship Latin    1st

Amateur Junior ll Pre-Championship Latin    2nd

Amateur Junior ll Championship Latin   5th


Mark Vernin and Jane Zalevsky

Amateur Junior ll Gold Latin    1st

Amateur Junior ll Novice Latin    4th


Dillon Vanderbeek and Michelle Wang

Amateur Junior l Novice Latin     1st

Amateur Junior l Pre-Champ Latin    3rd


Tom Chu and Olga Rogachevskaya

Amateur Senior l Championship Latin   1st



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