Congratulations to all NJ DanceSport Classic Spring Fling Competitors!

It was a wonderful competition this past weekend and we’ve got a full list of results to share with you! Congratulations to all of these couples:

2014 NJ DanceSport Classic Spring Fling:

Daniel Eidelstein & Simone Livit
J1 Silver Standard – 2nd
J1 Silver International Tango – 1st
J1 Silver Latin – 3rd
J1 Silver International Jive – 3rd
J2 Silver Standard – 1st
J2 Silver International Tango – 1st
J2 Silver Latin – 4th
J2 Silver International Jive – 2nd

Peter Kaczmarski & Emily Chervinsky
J1 Bronze Standard – 1st
J1 Bronze ChaCha, Rumba – 3rd
J1 Bronze Samba, Jive – 2nd
J1 Silver Standard – 1st
J1 Silver International Tango – 3rd
J1 Silver International Jive – 4th

Michael Kaczmarski & Veronika Ludwiszewski
PreTeen-2 Bronze Standard – 1st
PreTeen-2 Bronze ChaCha, Rumba – 3rd
PreTeen-2 Bronze Samba, Jive – 4th
PreTeen-2 Silver Standard – 1st
PreTeen-2 Silver International Tango – 1st

Tyler Korobov & Elizabeth Vasylets
PreTeen-2 Bronze Latin – 5th
J1 Bronze Latin – 4th

Kamil Falkowski & Alexis Turko
J2 Championship Standard – 1st
J2 Championship Latin – 1st
Youth Championship Standard – 2nd
Youth Championship Latin – 2nd

Excellent all around from our young couples, keep up the good form!