Congratulations To Our Couples at the 2014 American Star Ball Championships!

American Star BallBefore we begin with news from Blackpool, there were some fantastic results we want to share from the American Star Ball Championships this past weekend.

The American Star Ball is an annual Ballroom and Latin Dance competition hosted by Ilya and Amanda in Atlantic City, New Jersey at the Golden Nugget in May. This year, we had a number of couples competing at the event and all our couples had fantastic results.

Congratulations to everyone from BDSC who competed!

Nazariy Blagyy & Nicole Agaronnik
Amateur Youth Latin Scholarship – 1st

Evgeny Raev & Patrycja Golak
Open Amateur Latin Scholarship – 4th

Ariel Milshteyn & Adelina Ishakyeva
Amateur Youth Latin Scholarship – 5th

Yuriy Markovetskiy & Sara Filip
Youth Pre-Champ Ballroom 4-Dance – 3rd
Youth Pre-Champ Latin 4-Dance – 3rd

Kamil Falkowski & Alexis Turko
Youth Junior Ballroom Scholarship – 1st
Youth Junior Latin Scholarship – 6th

Levy Agaronnik & Simona Vigodner
J2 Championship Latin – 3rd

Allan Nosov & Eva Tulchinsky
J2 Novice Open Ballroom 3 Dance – 1st
Youth Novice Open Ballroom 3 Dance – 4th
J2 Novice Open Latin 3 Dance – 1st
Youth Novice Open Latin 3 Dance – 4th

Leor Ratner & Jessica Ratner
J2 Pre Champ Latin 4 Dance – 4th
Youth Novice Open Latin 3 Dance – 2nd

Mark Sharifov & Sarah Sharifov
J1 Closed Silver International Samba – 6th
J1 Closed Silver International Rumba, Jive – 7th

Alec Shafran & Nicole Nikolaev
PT1 Newcomer International
Waltz , Tango, Quickstep – 1st
PT1 Pre-Bronze International
Waltz, Tango, Quickstep – 2nd
PT1 Newcomer International
Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba – 2nd
PT1 Newcomer International Jive – 1st
PT1 Pre Bronze International Cha Cha – 5th
PT1 Pre Bronze International Samba – 4th
PT1 Pre Bronze International Rumba, Jive – 6th