Congratulations to All the Brooklyn DanceSport Club Competitors at the 2014 Tri-State Challenge DanceSport Championships


The Tri-State Challenge DanceSport Championships is an annual competition held in the end of March in Stamford, Connecticut. It is organized by Esther and David Don and is considered one of the more premier events in the Tri-State area. Congratulations to our couples for their amazing results!

Dmitry Nikishkin and Olena Shvets 
Professional Latin – 2nd

Alexey Karaulov and Vlada Semenova 
Amateur Latin – 1st

Ariel Milshteyn and Adelina Ishkayeva
Youth Latin Champ – 3rd

Kamil Falkowski and Alexis Turko:
J2 Ballroom Champ – 3rd
J2 Latin Champ – 3rd

Haley Yegorov and Shelli Gorokhovsky:
J2 Gold Ballroom – 1st
Youth Gold Ballroom – 1st

Andrey Solovyev and Rebecca Korol:
Pre-Teen 2 Bronze ChaCha, Samba, Jive – 1st
Pre-Teen 2 Bronze Rumba – 2nd
J1 Bronze Latin – 3rd
Pre-Teen 2 Bronze Quickstep, Waltz – 1st
Pre-Teen 2 Bronze Tango, Foxtrot – 2nd

Samuel Dorfman and Anastasia Lepin:
Pre-Teen 1 Bronze ChaCha, Samba – 5th
Pre-Teen 1 Bronze Rumba – 4th
Pre-Teen 1 Bronze Jive – 1st
Pre-Teen 1 Silver Latin – 7th

Daniel Koskas and Daniel Malpa:
J1 Latin Champ – 3rd
J2 Latin Champ – 5th

Leor Ratner and Jessica Ratner:
Novice Latin – 5th

Daniel Pechalov and Kristina Pidvirny:
Novice Latin – 8th

Michelle Stepankoff and Pasha Stepanchuk:
Pre-Teen 2 Gold Latin – 1st

Monica Kiselyuk and Pasha Stepanchuk:
Pre-Teen 2 Gold Latin – 2nd

Ilana Dorfman and Artur Tarnavskyy:
J2 Gold Star Latin – 1st

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