Cha Cha Performance at 2014 Holiday Dance Classic

2014 holiday dance classic cha cha

The chance to train at NYC’s top professional ballroom dance academy is here! No matter what age or level, Brooklyn DanceSport Club (BDSC) is your home away from home and will teach you the skills you need to feel your best on the dance floor!

This Cha Cha number set to ‘Norma De La Guadalajara’ is part of a new repertoire of pieces performed by BDSC at the Holiday Dance Classic. Developed by Eugene Katsevman and executed with the dancers at BDSC, the club brings a different meaning to the term ‘formation dancing’ with a group work that impeccably captures the aura of the Cha Cha Cha.

Coming soon in 2015: Get inside the mind of Eugene Katsevman and stay tuned for a behind the scenes exclusive on the development of these extraordinary pieces.

‘More than a Dance Studio’