Maria Manusova on Balance – Adult Latin Seminar

Maria Manusova teaches 2014 adult seminar

“It is the internal equilibrium derived from a counter balance in the body showcasing a feeling of steadiness and alignment” – Maria Manusova It is a blessing whenever Maria Manusova teaches. She is always focused on fundamentals of Latin dance. Maria talks about balance and how to achieve it. Her deep well of  knowledge paired with a pragmatic approach to coaching is a unique …

Standard Seminar Schedule Change for January 2013

This January, the Schedule for the Four Standard Seminars is as follows: Wednesday, January 8th Wednesday, January 15th Wednesday, January 29th Friday, January 31st We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and please plan accordingly.

Quickstep Challenge at 2012 Back to Dance Camp


Dancers take on a challenge of the new choreography and a new partner at 2012 Back to Dance Camp.  Not only was this challenge met, dancers were able to inject their own flare and styling.  Regardless of your background or experience, we’ll help you take your dancing to another level.  Well done everybody! Contact us to learn more about our …