An exciting beginning to April for BDSC!

Last month’s fabulous results at the US Nationals were followed by a collection of exciting events and news at Brooklyn DanceSport Club.

BDSC’s April first started off with hosting 2 of the greatest Latin couples in the world, Michael Malitowski with Joanna Leunis and Sergey Sourkov with Agnieszka Melnicka. Michael and Joanna taught private lessons and a seminar at the studio on April 12th while Sergey and Melia taught a couple of private lessons on April 13th! It was amazing seeing such talented dancers teach our students and the energy and vibe that they give off is truly astonishing!

Following the visit, a group of BDSC couples (Denys Drozdyuk and Antonina Skobina, Pasha Stepanchuk and Anastasiya Danilova, Jason Dai and Patrycja Golak, Dmitry Nikishkin and Olena Shvets, Guy Platt and Victoria Mroz, Stas Pavlov and Beatrice Polyakova, and Ryan Raffloer and Shelby Joy Cole) performed at this year’s Dance Legends. The show, which was choreographed by BDSC’s very own Eugene Katsevman and Maria Manusova, was quite breath-taking and was received very well by the crowd, with some people even giving a standing ovation.

Quite possibly the most exciting news of April thus far were the results of our Junior couples at the Junior Blackpool Festival. Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmarski had an incredible Junior Blackpool experience, placing 10th (out of 170) at the Junior Latin and 5th (out of 125) at the Junior Jive. Christian Yeung and Alexis Turko also had a successful Blackpool, placing 52nd (out of 170) at the Junior Latin and 36th (out of 125) at the Junior Jive. Larry Tokar and Juliana Hoff’s best result came at the Junior Samba, where they placed 32nd (out of 164).