American Star Ball 2016


Congratulations to all the #BDSC Competitors who danced in Atlantic City this weekend!


Professional Ballroom:

Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk – 1st Place


Professional Latin:

Dmitry Nikishkin and Olena Shvets – 1st Place

Artur Tarnavskyy and Anastasia Danilova – 2nd Place

Nikita Malakhov and Nadezda Vlasova – 6th Place


Rising Star Pro Latin:

Nikita Malakhov and Nadezda Vlasova – 1st Place


Amateur Latin:

Pasha Stepanchuk and Gabriella Sabler – 2nd Place


Kevin Filipczak and Danielle Malpa

Junior Open Latin – 3rd Place

Youth Open Latin – 4th Place


Richard Berenchtein and Judy Rakov

J1 Closed Silver Latin Paso Doble – 4th Place

J2 Closed Silver Latin – ChaCha(1st) Rumba(1st) Samba(1st) Paso Doble(2nd) Jive(1st)

J1 Closed Silver Latin – ChaCha(3rd) Rumba(8th) Samba(5th)


Maxim Borisov and Avita Rakov

PT1 Pre-Bronze Int Ballroom – 1st Place

PT1 Closed Silver Latin – ChaCha(4th) Samba(2nd) Rumba(1st) Jive(1st)

PT2 Closed Silver Latin – ChaCha(6th) Samba(5th) Rumba(4th) Jive(8th)

PT1 Closed Gold Latin – 1st Place


Samuel Nicholas Dorfman and Arianna Kleynburg

PT1 Closed Ballroom Championship – 3rd Place

PT2 Closed Ballroom Championship – 4th Place

PT1 Closed Latin Championship – 2nd Place

PT2 Closed Latin Championship – 2nd Place


Leonardo Heyman and Elizabeth Yu

PT1 Closed Bronze Ballroom – Waltz(4th) Tango(3rd) Quickstep(3rd) Foxtrot(4th)

TB Closed Bronze Latin – ChaCha(4th) Samba(3rd) Rumba(4th) Jive(2nd)

PT1 Closed Bronze Latin – ChaCha(4th) Samba(7th) Rumba(6th) Jive(3rd)


Gabriel Hoff and Victoria Joffe

J2 Novice Ballroom – 2nd Place

J2 PreChamp Ballroom – 2nd Place

J2 Noivce Latin – 3rd Place

J2 PreChamp Latin – 2nd Place


Mathiew Ludwiszewski and Mia Kalika

TB Newcomer Latin – ChaCha(1st) Samba(2nd) Rumba(2nd) Jive(2nd)

PT1 Newcomer Latin – ChaCha(3rd) Samba(2nd) Rumba(2nd) Jive(2nd)


Maxim Peker and Iliana Rakhamim

TB Newcomer Latin – ChaCha(2nd) Samba(4th) Rumba(5th) Jive(4th)

PT1 Newcomer Latin – ChaCha(5th) Samba(6th) Rumba(6th) Jive(6th)


Patryk Plozsaj and Alexis Amirova-Rivas

SPT1 Closed Bronze Ballroom – 1st Place

SPT1 Closed Bronze Int Latin – ChaCha(2nd) Samba(2nd) Rumba(2nd) Jive(1st)


Artur Tarnavskyy and Chanel Alexander

TB PreBronze International Latin – 1st Place

TB Closed Bronze International Latin – 1st Place


Artur Tarnavskyy and Alexis Amirova-Rivas

SPT1 Closed Bronze Int Latin

Ivan Pudov and Sasha Moisa


Alec Shafran and Nicole Nikolaev

J1 PreSilver Int Ballroom – 2nd Place

J1 Closed Silver Int Balloroom – Waltz(2nd) Tango(2nd) Quickstep(3rd) Foxtrot(3rd)

J1 PreSilver Int Latin – ChaCha(4th) Samba(3rd) Rumba(3rd) Jive(4th)

J1 Closed Silver Int Latin – Semi Final


Marc Zhadan and Gabrielle Bleynis

JR/Y Open Latin – 7th Place

Amateur Youth Open Latin – 8th Place



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