BDSC at the 2016 Paragon Open

Congratulations to all

Paragon Open 2016 competitors!!!





Richard Berenchtein and Judy Rokov

AC-JR2 Open Gold C-1st S-1st R-1st PD-1st J-1st

AC-JR2 Closed Gold Latin (C/S/R/J)-1st


Nazariy Blagyy and Marketa

AC-A Paragon Open Latin Championship (C/S/R/P/J)-SemiFinal


Jason Chao Dai with Elizaveta Pertsova

Professional Rising Star Latin (C/S/R/P/J)-5th

Professional Open International Latin (C/S/R/P/J)-SemiFinal


Samuel Nicholas Dorfman and Avita Rakov

AC-PT2 Paragon Open Latin Championship (C/S/R/P/J)-4th

AC-PT1 Paragon Open Latin Championship (C/S/R/P/J)-2nd


Leonardo Heyman and Elizabeth Yu

AC-PT1 Bronze W-3rd T-2nd V-1st F-1st Q-1st

AC-PT1 Closed Bronze Standard (W/F/Q)-1st

AC-PT1 Bronze C-QF S-SF R-7th J-SF PD-4th

AC-PT1 Silver C-5th S-6th R-8th PD-6th J-8th

AC-PT1 Closed Bronze Latin (C/R/J)-5th


Michael Kaczmarski and Veronica Ludwiszewski

AC-JR1 Novice T-1st V-1st

AC-JR1 Pre-Champ V-1st

AC-JR1 Novice Standard (W/F/Q)-1st

AC-JR1 Pre-Champ Standard (W/T/F/Q)-3rd

AC-JR1 Novice J-2nd PD-1st

AC-JR1 Closed Gold Latin (C/S/R/J)-1st

AC-JR1 Novice Latin (C/S/R)-5th


Peter Kaczmarski and Emily Chervinsky

AC-JR2 Novice T-2nd V-2nd

AC-JR2 Pre-Champ V-2nd

AC-JR2 Novice Standard (W/F/Q)-2nd

AC-JR2 Pre-Champ Standard (W/T/F/Q)-3rd

AC-Y Novice Jive-1st

AC-JR2 Novice Jive-3rd

AC-Y Novice Latin (C/S/R)-2nd

AC-JR2 Novice Latin (C/S/R)-7th


Sebastian Kostrykov and Alissa Kostanyan

AC-PT1 Bronze C-1st S-3rd R-2nd J-3rd

AC-PT1 Silver C-1st S-1st R-2nd PD-2nd J-6th PD-1st


Alec Shafran and Nicole Nikolaev

AC-JR1 Silver W-3rd T-3rd F-2nd Q-3rd

AC-JR1 Pre-Gold W-1st T-1st F-1st Q-1st

AC-JR1 Silver C-2nd S-2nd R-1st J-1st

AC-JR1 Pre-Gold C-1st S-1st R-1st J-1st


Andrey Solovyev and Rebecca Korol

AC-JR1 Open Gold W-1st T-1st F-1st Q-1st

AC-JR1 Closed Gold Standard (W/T/F/Q)-1st

AC-JR1 Open Gold C-2nd S-2nd R-2nd PD-1st J-2nd

AC-JR1 Closed Gold Latin (C/S/R/J)-5th


TJ Stanton and Samanta Filip

AC-A Paragon Open Standard Championship (W/T/V/F/Q)-5th

AC-U21 Paragon Open Standard Championship (W/T/V/F/Q)-2nd


Pasha Stepanchuk and Gabrielle Sabler

AC-A Paragon Open Latin Championship (C/S/R/P/J)-2nd


Artur Tarnavskyy and Anastasia Danilova

Professional Open International Latin (C/S/R/P/J)-1st


Simone Vigodner and Ariel Milshteyn

AC-Y Paragon Open Latin Championship (C/S/R/P/J)-3rd


Congratulations to everyone once again and THANK YOU to the PARENTS and the Paragon Open!



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