2016 Nyemchek

Congratulations to all the BDSC competitors at the 2016 Nyemcheks Junior All Star Dancesport Championships!nyemcheks




Nastya Danilova and Khloe Burovskiy

AC-LSI Newcomer : C-3RD; S-5th; R-2nd; J -3rd

AC-LS2 Newcomer : S-4th; R-5th

AC-LS2 Newcomer : W-3rd

AC-LS1 Newcomer : W-1st


Patrycja Golak and Miya Kostanyan

AC-LS2 Pre-Bronze : C-1st; S-2nd; J-4th

AC-LS2 Closed Bronze : R-6th; J-6th


Artur Tarnavskyy and Chanel Alexander

AC-LS2 Open Bronze: C-2nd; S-3rd; R-2nd; J-2nd; PD-2nd

AC-LS2. Closed Silver: PD-1st; C-1st; J-1st; R-1st; S-1st


Richard Berenchtein and Judie Rakov

AC-J4 Open Silver: C-3rd; S-5th; R-5th; J-5th; PD-3rd

AC-J4 Closed Gold: C-5th; S-6th; R-6th; J-5th; PD-3rd


Samuel Nicholas Dorfman and Avita Rakov

AC-J3 Closed Gold: PD-1st; C-3rd; S-2nd; R-2nd; J-4th

AC-J3 Open Amateur: C-4th; S-4th; R-4th; PD-4th; J-4th


David Finkelstein and Marlaina Monaco

AC-J3 Newcomer: C-5th; S-5th; R-5th; J-4th

AC-J2 Newcomer C-3rd; S-5th; R-SF; J-3rd


Leonardo Heyman and Elizabeth Yu

AC-J2 Closed Bronze: W-2nd; T-1st; Q-2nd; F-1st; V-1st

AC-J2 Closed Bronze: C-4th; S-5th; R-5th; J-2nd; PD-1st

AC-J2 Closed Silver: C-1st; S-2nd; R-2nd; J-3rd; PD-1st


Brandon Ilizarov and Hannah Sultanova

AC-J2 Pre-Bronze C-4th; R-3rd; S-SF; J-F

AC-J2 Closed Bronze C-7th; R-SF; S-QF; J-QF


Peter Kaczmarski and Emily Chervinsky

AC-J4 Open Gold: W-1st; T-1st; F-1st; Q-2nd; V-1st

AC-J4 Pre-Championship: W-2nd; T-2nd; V-2nd; F-2nd; Q-2nd

AC-J4 Open Gold: C-4th; S-4th; R-3rd; J-3rd

AC-J4 Pre-Championship: C-SF; S-SF; R-SF; J-8th


Michael Kaczmarski and Veronica Ludwiszewski

AC-J4 Open Gold: W-2nd; T-2nd; F-2nd; Q-1st; V-2nd

AC-J4 Pre-Championship: W-3rd; T-3rd; V-3rd; F-3rd; Q-3rd

AC-J4 Closed Gold: C-3rd; S-1st; R-2nd; J-2nd; PD-1st

AC-J4 Open Gold: C-3rd; S-3rd; R-4th; J-4th; PD-2nd


Freddie Kleynburg and Arianna Kleynburg

AC-LS3 Closed Gold: C-3rd; S-2nd; R-3rd; J-1st

AC-LS3 Open Gold: C-2nd; S-2nd; R-2nd; J-1st


Freddie Kleynburg and Elizabeth Shapshal

AC-J4 Pre-Championship: J-4th; C-3rd; S-2nd; R-3rd; PD-1st

AC-J4 Open Amateur: C-6th; S-5th; R-6th; J-SF

AC-J Open International Latin Scholarship: 6th


Sebastian Kosteyov and Alissa Kostanyan

AC-J2 Closed Bronze: C-2nd; S-4th; R-2nd; J-3rd; PD-2nd

AC-J2 Closed Silver: C-3rd; S-1st; R-1st; J-4th; PD-2nd


Matthew Ludwiszewski and Mia Kalika

AC-J2 Pre-Bronze; C-3rd; S-3rd; R-4th; J-5th

AC-J3 Pre-Bronze: J-7th; C; 8th; S-SF; R-SF;


Dan Malov and Aminova-Rivas

AC-LS2 Closed Silver: W-1st; F-1st; Q-1st; T-1st


Leor Moisa and Lily Brody

AC-J2 Newcomer: W-3rd

AC-J2 Newcomer: C-SF; S-QF; R-SF; J-SF


Allan Nosoff and Emily Kryvarutsky

AC-J5 Pre-Championship: Q-3rd; W-3rd; T-3rd; F-3rd

AC-J5 Pre-Championship: C-4th; S-4th; R-3rd; J-4th; PD-1st

AC-Y Open International Latin Scholarship: 8th


Ivan Pudov and Alexandra Moisa

AC-J3 Newcomer: W-2nd; Q-1st

AC-J3 Newcomer: C-2nd; S-2nd; R-2nd; J-2nd

AC-J3 Pre-Bronze: C-4th; S-6th; R-3rd; J-5th


Alec Shafran and Nicole Nikolaev

AC-J4 Closed Silver: W-4th; T-4th; Q-4th; F-2nd

AC-J4 Open Silver Waltz: W-4th; T-4th; F-4th; Q-4th

AC-J4 Closed Gold: C-SF; S-SF; R-SF; J-SF; PD-4th

AC-J4 Open Silver: C-6th; S-6th; R-6th; J-7th; PD-5th


Andrey Solovyev and Rebecca Korol

AC-J4 Open Silver: W-4th; T-4th; F-4th; Q-4th

AC-J4 Closed Gold: W-1st; T-1st; F-1st; Q-1st

AC-J4 Closed Gold: C-4th; S-SF; R-3rd; J-4th; PD-2nd

AC-J4 Open Silver: C-4th; S-3rd; R-3rd; J-4th; PD-4th


Pasha Stepunchuk and Isabelle Ross

AC-LS2 Newcomer: C-4th; S-3rd; R-4th; J-5th

AC-LS2 Pre-Bronze: C-4th; S-7th; R-SF; J-SF


Pasha Stepanchuk and Sofia Murina

AC-LS4 Open Bronze: C-3rd; S-2nd; R-2nd; J-2nd


Pasha Stepanchuk and Savannah Filip

AC-LS4 Closed Silver C-1st; S-1st; R-1st; J-1st


Pasha Stepanchuk and Hannah Joy Kozlenko

AC-L55 Closed Silver: C-3rd; S-3rd; R-2nd; J-3rd


Pasha Stepanchuk and Haley Hughes

AC-LS4 Open Silver: C-1st; S-1st; PD-1st; R-1st; J-1st

AC-LS5 Open Silver: C-1st; S-1st; R-1st; PD-1st; J-1st

AC-LS4 Closed Gold: C-1st; S-1st; R-1st; J-1st; PD-2nd

AC-LS4 Open Gold: C-1st; S-1st; R-2st; J-1st; PD-1st


Pasha Stepanchuk and Nicole Kurbanov

AC-LS5 Closed Gold: AC-LS5: C-5th; S-4th; R-5th; J-5th; PD-2nd


Artur Tarnavskyy and Aminova-Rivas

AC-LS2 Closed Silver: C-1st; S-2nd; R-4th; J-3rd; PD-1st


Iman Zhylkaidar and Gabriella Sabler

AC-LS3 Closed Silver: C-1st; S-1st; R-1st; J-1st




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