2016 La Classique Du Quebec

la classique

Congratulations to all the #BDSC competitors at the 40th year of

La Classique Du Quebec




Open Professional Latin

Artur Tarnavskyy and Anastasia Danilova – 2nd Place

Nikita Malakhov and Nadia Vlasova – 4th Place

Dmitry Nikishkin and Olena Shvets Nikishkin – 5th Place


Professional Ballroom

Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk – 1st Place


Open Professional Rising Star Latin

Nikita Malakhov and Nadia Vlasova – 1st Place


Open Amateur Latin

Pasha Stepanchuk and Gabriella Sabler – 2nd Place


Amateur Ballroom 16+

Patryk Plozsaj and Anna Kaczmarski – 2nd Place

Stanislav Pavlov and Sandra Spernacka – 5th Place


Kevin Filipczak and Danielle Malpa

AC-JU2 LATIN AMATEUR Open Championship – 5th Place

AC-J GLOBE TROTTER Championship – 2nd Place


Leor Ratner and Jessica Ratner

AC-JU2 LATIN Pre-Champ 2 (P/J) – 1st Place

AC-JU2 LATIN Pre-Champ 1 (C/R/S) – 1st Place


Marc Zhadan and Gaby Bleynis

AC-Y LATIN Pre-Champ 1 (C/R/S) Final- 4th Place

AC-Y LATIN Pre-Champ 2 (P/J) Final – 2nd Place





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