2015 Tri- State DanceSport Championships (TSDSC)



Congratulations to all the BDSC Competitors at the 2015 Tristate DanceSport Championships (TSDSC)

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Marat Gimaev and Alina Basyuk:
Prof. Open Int. Standard (W/T/V/F/Q) – 1st Place

Dmitry Nikishkin and Olena Shvets:
Prof. Open Int. Latin (C/S/R/P/J) – 1st Place

Artur Tarnavskyy and Anastasia Danilova:
TSDSC Latin Challenge (C/S/R/P/J) – 2nd Place

Patryk Ploszaj and Anna Kaczmaski:
TSDSC Standard Challenge (W/T/V/F/Q) – 1st Place

Mark Irgang and Sabrina Isakow:
Pre-Champ Latin (C/S/R/J) – 5th Place
TSDSC Latin Challenge (C/S/R/P/J) – Semi

Ariel Milshteyn and Adelina Ishkayeva:
TSDSC Latin Challenge (C/S/R/P/J) – 5th Place

Eric Cousins and Yaffa Ovsishcher:
AC-JR1 Silver Ballroom: W(5) F(2) Q(5)
AC-JR2 Silver Ballroom: W(3) F(1) Q(3)
AC-JR1 Silver Latin: C(3) S(3) R(3)
AC-JR2 Silver Latin: C(7) S(6) R(6)

Marc Zhadan and Gabrielle Bleynis:
Pre-Champ Latin (C/S/R/J) – Semi
Youth TSDSC Latin Challenge (C/S/R/P/J) – Semi
J2 TSDSC Latin Challenge (C/S/R/P/J) – Semi

Leor Ratner and Jessica Ratner:
Novice Latin (C/S/R) – 1st Place
Pre-Champ Latin (C/S/R/J) – 4th Place

Brandon Elizarov and Emma Bigelman:
AC-PT1 Pre-Bronze: C(Semi) S(Quarter) R(Semi) J(Semi)
AC-PT2 Pre-Bronze: C(6) S(6) R(5) J(5)

Freddie Kleynberg and Elizabeth Shapshal:
Open Gold: W(3) T(4) VW(4) F(5) Q(5)
Open Gold: C(1) S(1) R(1) PD(1) J(1)
Closed Gold Standard 4-Dance (W/T/F/Q) – 2nd Place
Closed Gold Latin 4-Dance (C/S/R/J) – 1st Place

Sebastian Kostrykov and Alissa Kostanyan:
AC-PT1 Pre-Bronze – C(6) S(Semi) R(Semi) J(Semi)
AC-PT2 Pre-Bronze – C(4) S(5) R(6) J(4)

Anthony Nosoff and Briana Isakow:
Open Bronze Ballroom – W(1) T(1) F(1) Q(1)
Open Silver Ballroom – W(2) T(2) F(2) Q(2)
Open Bronze Latin – C(1) S(1) R(1) J(1)
Open Silver Latin – C(1) S(1) R(1) J(1)

Allan Nosov and Eva Tulchinsky:
Novice Standard (W/F/Q) – 2nd Place
Novice Latin (C/S/R) – 2nd Place
Pre-Champ Latin (C/S/R/J) – Semi

Patryk Ploszaj and Alexis Amirova-Rivas:
Pre-Bronze Ballroom – W(1) T(1) Q(1)

Artur Tarnavskyy and Alexis Amirova-Rivas:
Pre-Bronze Latin – C(1) S(1) R(1) J(1)

Timofey Rybolovlev and Daniella Pevznor:
Novice Latin (C/S/R) – 4th Place
Pre-Champ Latin (C/S/R/J) – 6th Place

Andrey Solovyev and Rebecca Korol:
Open Bronze Ballroom – 1st Place
Silver Ballroom – W(1) T(2) F(3) Q(4)
Open Bronze Latin – 1st Place
Silver Latin – 4th Place

Pasha Stepanchuk and Karla Kirsic:
Open Bronze Latin – 1st Place
Open Silver – 1st Place
Full Gold – 1st Place

James Raykis and Sarah Livson:
AC-Y Novice Latin – Semi
AC-JR2 Novice Latin – 6th Place

Yuriy Markovetskiy and Sara Filip:
TSDSC Standard Challenge (W/T/V/F/Q) – Semi
TSDSC Latin Challenge (C/S/R/P/J) – Semi

Congratulations on another successful competition!


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