Eugene and the Sea of Capes

Eugene Katsevman teaching Paso Doble

Eugene Katsevman observes the sea of capes painting the drama of the Paso Doble at the 2012 Back to Dance Camp. Eugene’s artistry is evident as we practice under his watchful gaze. If you want to experience some of this artistry for yourself, contact us today!

Markus Homm’s Seminar

Markus Homm Seminar

Another great event with Markus. Markus breaks down the subtleties of the ChaCha in a detailed and clear manner. Here, he offers us a glimpse into the core principles of body movement and mechanics. His great sense of humor and sincere approach to teaching made it easy to learn from one of the top coaches in the World. Thank you …

2012 Back to Dance Camp West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

Rufus Dustin inspired us to be creative and add our own flair to his West Coast Swing choreography. Our skills were immediately tested at our Studio Competition. We had a blast while improving our performance skills. Enjoy a glimpse at some of the action and come back to see more inspirational videos. If you’d like to come train with us, please …